Adventurers Multipurpose Cooperative (AMCOOP) Community Development Projects and Social Activities

AMCOOP Upper Klinan Housing Project aims to improve the lives of 53 member-workers living in Barangay Upper Klinan, Polomolok South Cotabato by giving them a sense of security in the comfort of their own homes. This is achieved through the provision of home lots and modest but decent residential houses which are awarded to deserving member-workers at a minimal cost in which payment shall be deducted from the payroll of each beneficiary for a period of 10 years subect to written authorization. In addition, AMCOOP will provide financial support at a maximum amount of P30,000 for the purchase of construction materials for their houses. The member-worker may also opt to request for the release of up to 70% of his capital build-up with AMCOOP for the same purpose.

The project also aims to empower project beneficiaries/homeowners through the establishment of a homeowners association and assist the association in coming up with income generating activities.

The Garments Production Project conceptualized and initiated in 2017 was the first livelihood project of AMCOOP with the two-fold aim of providing livelihood opportunities and at the same time address the various tailoring needs of AMCOOP. The viability of the project was bound on the needs for uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of the member-workers deployed in AMCOOP’s various manpower operations. The project also provides livelihood for dependents of member-workers and former workers of the cooperative as well as other members of the community.

The Hang Tags Community Livelihood Proect started as a home-based livelihood assistance project for members of the Blaan community in Barangay Lemblisong. Beneficiaries are given materials to assemble hang tags for fresh pineapple produce shipped in international markets. When more members signed up to be part of the project, and in consideration of quality concerns, the project was transferred to a community center, and later to a formal production center. With this livelihood project, members of the indigenous people were given opportunities to improve their means of living through augmentation in the family income. The project beneficiaries are composed of 149 members of the Indigenous People (IP) community from Barangay Lemblisong, Tupi, South Cotabato, and members of IP and Muslim communities in Polomolok, South Cotabato. 

AMCOOP launched its project called Relief Assistance and Response in Times of Emergencies (COVID-19). The cooperative remained steadfast in its commitment to be a development player by extending relief assistance to its member-workers and other members of the community by providing food packs for the medical professionals who stood their guards during the pandemic, and for the peacekeeping forces and community volunteers who committed themselves to maintain peace and order during the community lock downs.