The Union of Legitimate Service Contracting Cooperatives (ULSCC) was established at the time when cooperatives engaging on labor service were badly misunderstood. Regulators implement conflicting priorities in regulating the labor service industry. BIR was contesting the legitimacy of cooperatives to engage in labor service. DOLE was demanding the return of share capital of members of cooperatives. Labor service cooperatives were being criticized by different interest groups that were affected by their entry to the industry. Labor unions were demanding to prohibit the contractual arrangement altogether. Private manpower agencies were questioning the tax exemption of cooperatives and the practice of members contributing share capital to their cooperatives. While all of these were happening, no labor service cooperative was taking a stand to defend its position. This was the situation that gave birth to the establishment of ULSCC. It was first organized under the name, Union of Labor Service Cooperatives (ULSC). However, there were instances when it was mistaken to be a labor union rather than a cooperative union so it was later changed to Union of Legitimate Service Contracting Cooperatives (ULSCC). 

ULSCC’s obective was to serve as the voice of the cooperative sector engaged in labor service. Its main purpose was to clarify the poor perceptions and misunderstanding of regulators and interest groups. ULSCC was established in October 30, 2014, initially with 5 members. As of 2023, ULSCC have 26 active members. It promotes legal compliance, education, and professionalism. ULSCC is an active member of International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) and CICOPA.


To be recognized as the voice and leading authority in the Philippines on Labor Service Cooperatives.


To facilitate education, connection, and alignment of labor service stakeholders, cooperatives communities, and government authorities.


  • Legal Compliance
  • Professionalism
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous Education


Chairman  –  Roberto Poblete
Vice-Chairman  –  Agrifino Torres
Board Member  –  Maria Violeta Fojas
Board Member  –  Rodolfo Corpuz
Board Member  –  Romeo Naga
Board Secretary  –  Braulio Gabronino
Executive Director  –  Atty. Dulce Bustamante
Treasurer  –  Felipe Alday Jr.
Tax Consultant  –  Nicanor Pellejera Jr.


  • Adventurer’s Multipurpose Cooperative
  • Ako Ikaw May-Ari ng Kooperatiba
  • Asiapro Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Bee Home Labor Service Cooperative
  • Cannery Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Central Services Integrated Cooperative
  • Consolidated Workers Cooperative
  • Excellent People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • ExcelSource Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Fastrack Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • First Corinthians Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Gawa at Kalinga Labor Service Cooperative
  • Generation One Resource Service and Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Globalpro Multi-Purpose Cooperative 
  • Interactive Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Jobnet Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Jobs On The Go Service Cooperative
  • Kaakbay Sa Kinabukasan Labor Service Coop
  • MAGSIGE Multipurpose Cooperative
  • Market Place Christian Church Transport and Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • MOBASCO Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • North Skilled Workers Cooperatives
  • Outsource Asia International Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Serbiz Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  • Wercher Solutions and Resources Workers Cooperative
  • Yearnings Outsourcing Cooperative